Life can be fantastic!

We have a physical body, but we also have a soul who’s vibrational in nature. Because of this we can reach much more in life than we believe at first sight. We live in a vibrational world with incremental possibilities.

In a successful coaching both areas are important to be addressed: at one side the physical focus and at the other side the work of our mind. It is important to stay realistic and with both feet on the ground, but it is also essential to believe in possibilities. This is what makes us happy and grow beyond our limitations.

Knowing how our feelings, thoughts and vibration function in our lives and correlate with each other is a necessary fundament of a great coaching trajectory. Otherwise you will always get stuck on certain areas.

Our thoughts influence our reality. What happens with us, how others react to us, etc. is all influenced by our thoughts and expectations. Think about a date or job interview. How you think about yourself determines for a big part the way the interaction flows and goes.

Of course, certain capacities and educations are also important, and we will also improve ourselves on those fields where necessary, but we have múch more influence on our experiences with our mind than we believe.

Indeed we cannot control others, but we can inspire others and there’s much more that we can do to influence our own experiences.

For example, different scientific investigations have shown that daily imaginary fitness training also increases muscle strength and decreases muscle atrophy.

The law of attraction explains us that, in our own way, we all can create the essence of that what we desire.

Many people have witnessed amazing successes with the law of attraction in their own lives on all possible life fields.

The law of attraction is very real, but you need to learn how to implement it in a correct way. You can create a fabulous life and be ecstatically happy, but you need to understand some basic principles of the law of attraction (LOA). This we learn in the theoretical trainings.

Coaching and training

In these coachings and trainings, both fields of body and mind are addressed. At one side we practice discipline, action, overcoming our fears and learning new skills.

At the other side we play a lot of games to think more positive about ourselves and life and to develop on a personal level.

Also theory as well as practice is educated. This is the quickest way to learn how to apply the law of attraction most successfully into your own life! It’s refreshing, motivating and exhilarating.

For people who are already very familiar with the basics of LOA the coachings and trainings are more focussed on practise and application, so that you can also make progress in high speed.

Our positive thoughts are the basic of all our success!

You can create a fabulous life!

The value of a coach or individual trainer

There are soo many self-help books,  educational videos and information freely available on internet, why is not everybody happy, wealthy, harmonically  married (or related) and why does not everybody have the perfect body that they desire?

Because a coach or trainer on our side and a successful system, make it all much more efficient. A coach helps us to focus. He motivates us. He assists us to carry through. He can see the things that we forgot or our blind side. He can assist us to get out of our bad habits. He reminds us of our qualities and helps us to overcome our fears. He sees our strengths.

Plus a good system helps us to get results and overcome our limitations.

On top of that it is much more fun to have people on our side on our path. We our social beings. We don’t have to be among others all the time, but cooperation with others from time to time is what makes life worthwhile.

Making fun is an essential key to reach real and sustainable success.

Top sport teams all have great coaches. Peak enterprises and companies stay educated by the best trainers and follow the most successful systems. A trainer or coach on your side increases your growth in a powerful way.

Of course you need to do your part of the work too, but the coach assists you to stay on track.

The most influential people and masters of our times and before almost all had a coach or spiritual mentor.

YOU are your own ‘company’. Taking care of yourself is a priority investment in yourself.

Sometimes we have old habits, who ones were very useful to us, but who are now working against reaching the life that we desire. The coach determines what is the core of your problem, and offers methodologies to overcome these obstacles, so that you can make progress on your path.


The law of attraction coaching is mostly based on the teachings of Abraham by Esther Hicks because this explains in very good detail the basic principles of the law of attraction. I also implement, when required, breakthrough techniques of Strategic Intervention Coaching (Tony Robbins and Clou Madanes), Open Mind Coaching, principles of Joe Vitale (The attractor factor), and others.


Testimonials of clients you can read here.(link will be added later)

If you want to join this program, it is also required that you meet certain expectations:

  • Motivation is very important
  • You have time and willingness to implement the games (exercises) in your daily life. This is usually divided by daily 30 minutes time and in the weekend or your free time working out a project.
  • You have basic knowledge about the law of attraction or you are willing to learn more about it. If you don’t know what the law of attraction is it would be wise to read the basic principles to see if you can agree with them. This is what we will always work around. You are also willing to read/listen to more about the subject.
  • Open mind: it is necessary to be willing to look at subjects in a different way. If you want to find solutions or breakthroughs on subjects that are already bothering you for a long time, it will likely be necessary to look at it from a different view. The study of law of attraction makes us look at things in a different way.
  • Discipline: you have the ability to implement the exercises
  • You have basic knowledge of working with the computer or you have somebody who can help you with this.
  • You don’t have any serious emotional, financial, physical or mental problems or you are in treatment with a professional around these subjects. (This can be discussed and is dependent on the situation)
  • You take responsibility of your own actions and decisions.
  • You respect and appreciate others

It is important to comply with these conditions. This is to make the coaching very fun ánd therefore also very successful.


Topics that you can work around:

  • Creating your dream life! Creating your fabulous life!
  • Bringing harmony in your relationships. Creating fantastic happy relationships!
  • Paindiminution with thoughts and feelings (Painprevention/learning how to deal with pain)
  • Attracting money and abundance into your life
  • Loving yourself! Gaining self-confidence and becoming the fabulous YOU!

If you apply to the conditions and you want to join this program and make tremendous progress in your life you can inscribe here, or leave me a message through any of my other contact details.

Make the decision to make a tremendous difference in your life and inscribe now!

To your fabulous life!

Rozelinde Warmoes



Happiness Coaching and LOA coaching are not replacements of therapy or medical treatment.

It offers education about how we can be happy and successful in our lives. It offers guidance how to apply the exercises into our daily lives.

If you have serious emotional of practical problems it is necessary to ask (additional) help from a medical professionals or expert.

The theory of Attraction is a philosophical theoretical vision. Results are not guaranteed and are different from person to person. I offer these guidances, books and workshops with the best intents. The courses are developed with the highest care, but every situation is different. What helps for one person might not do that for another. Therefore it is always necessary to see what works best for you in your own life.

A trainer/coach is a person who can offer theory or another view. In some situations he might make issues more clear. But he can never make the decisions for you.

At any time you stay responsible for your own decisions and actions. It is also logical that you keep treating people and yourself respectfully, safe and kindly. 


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